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This web page belongs to Coach Services Europe S.L hereon after Balearic Transfer with registered offices in Felanitx (Spain) Calle Caridad 4, 3º A, postcode 07200 and holder of C.I.G number B-57796773 and recorded at the Trade Registry in the Balearics Volume 2525, Sheet123, Page PM 71235, Inscription 1.

The product of Balearic Transfer, subject to the General Conditions, will be commercialised exclusively by the consumers (hereon you). The access to this programme will be provided exclusively by Balearic Transfer.

You will be qualified to obtain transfers, subject to the General Conditions of the contract shown and accepted on the web page and in agreement with the prices, tariffs and cancellation policy explained in paragraph 8. The web page will inform you of the process in order to carry out a booking.

The end of the contract process through the Balearic Transfer web page is conditioned by the acceptance of these General Conditions legal warnings and privacy policy of Balearic Transfer. Both the legal warnings and the privacy policy are important elements that cannot be separated from the General Conditions of the contracting of services. By means of access to the web page, the viewing, usage and contracting of services, you consent to be subjected to the present General Conditions. Likewise you promise to abide by the law and regulations applicable to this web page and the bookings you have made through it.

If you do not accept any part of these General Conditions, do not continue with the reservation process.

Balearic Transfer acts as a supplier in the contracting of transfers and for this reason Balearic Transfer has no contractual obligation with you for the product and for the price offered until the reservation is confirmed and Balearic Transfer has received payment.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us on:

The telephone number will appear on the web page and on your confirmation voucher. You can also use the contact form set up on the web page for this concept.

1. Modification of the Web Page and General Conditions.

Balearic Transfer can carry out improvements or changes in the information, elements, data, services and any other elements of this web page or cancel this web page at any moment without having to give prior notice. The access to and posterior use of this web page implies that you approve of the new General Conditions.

Balearic Transfer can suspend the access to the system, object of the General Conditions, due to maintenance work, network security reasons or unforeseen events, without being obliged to pay back or compensate in any way for the period of time that access has been suspended.

2. How to reserve and book on-line.

Booking procedures.

The booking of services on-line can be done by carrying out the following process. Select your destination and dates, the number of people in your party and your arrival and departure time. Check your destination and the dates before you confirm your booking.

You can carry out your booking as follows:

Throughout the booking process Balearic Transfer will ask for your personal details such as your name, surname and credit card information.

All the information received will be treated as strictly confidential in accordance with the privacy policy on the Balearic Transfer web page. The information will be treated under the strict observance of European guidelines 95/46,2002/58 and any other legislation which replaces, modifies or adds to data protection laws (RPDP) and will be used to facilitate and allow the booking that you have made to be processed. Make sure that the information you provide is correct.

Secondly, you will be asked to introduce your payment details, by means of your credit card and through the on-line check-out for the service you have selected. Any information relating to this payment is encrypted to ensure a safe payment and the web page is also verified by our bank.

You give your consent to payment by clicking on the reserve button at the bottom of the screen where your payment details are requested and prior to accepting the General Conditions. Balearic Transfer will not keep any type of information from your credit card as all the data will be sent by encrypted form through the check out to the banking entity.

The confirmation of the booking implies at all times the conclusion of the contract and the promise on your part to satisfy the amount payable. - Once this consent has been given, a new screen will confirm your purchase and you will be sent an email with information on your booking.

The inability to sign a written document.

Due to the special circumstances of the contracting of services on-line, you recognise the inability of signing a letter of payment, which is the document which is normally presented when a transaction is carried out. For this reason you waive the signing of such a document, by the electronic transaction generated as a result of the booking you made on-line through Balearic Transfer.

The person that completes the booking form must also be authorized to do so in the name of all the other members of the party that are going to travel and must confirm that the persons accept the conditions of the booking. Besides, this person will also be responsible for the total cost of the booking, including cancellation or amendment fees and must inform all the other members of the party of the details of confirmation and any other information which may be relevant.

After booking a service through Balearic Transfer web page, Balearic Transfer will confirm your booking by email and will provide you with a voucher which you must print and present on your arrival at the moment of your transfer for all those travelling. For security reasons, Balearic Transfer may request a written authorization from the title holder of the credit card in case of suspicion of unauthorised or fraudulent use. If for any reason, Balearic Transfer does not receive this authorisation, the booking will not take effect and it will be cancelled in the system. In the case that Balearic Transfer has substantial grounds to suspect that the booking is fraudulent, it will be automatically cancelled and notified to the email that was provided at the time of the booking.

The request for a signed authorization is to protect you from fraudulent use of credit cards that may be used on booking with Balearic Transfer and to identify you as the title holder of the card.

3.-Legally of age and responsibility.

You guarantee that you are legally of age and have full capacity and authorization to make this booking. In order to confirm the booking, you must have the authorization of all the people included in your party as well as a parental authorization for those in your party who are under 18 years of age. On making the booking, you must confirm that all the people in your booking accept the present conditions and that you will be responsible for informing all the persons named on the booking of the confirmation information and any other information which maybe necessary. Making the corresponding booking makes you responsible for any payment relating to the booking.

You guarantee that all the personal information given during the reservation process is correct. Likewise you accept the financial responsibility of all the transactions carried out in your name and from your account.

You in virtue of the acceptance of the General Conditions and what is established in the directive 2000/31/CE in relation to the services of a limited company and the information on electronic business, consent and authorize Balearic Transfer to request to the service suppliers of the services contracted all the personal information relating to yourself and your group for which you have contracted the services.

This information will be treated under the strict observance of European guidelines 95/46,2002/58 and any other legislation which replaces, modifies or adds to data protection laws (RPDP) and will be used to facilitate and allow the booking that you have made to be processed.

By way of example and without limitation, personal information is understood to be: telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, addresses of residences, signatures, copies of passports or identity card, credit or debit card details or any other personal information that is relevant for the booking or payment of reservation for you and your party for which you book.

4. The booking includes.

All the services detailed on the service voucher.

All the taxes and compulsory fees for the transfer service.

VAT for the countries within the European Union.

5. The Booking does not include.

Any service not specified on the booking confirmation.

Any special equipment such as sporting equipment (golf clubs, skis, windsurf, etc) and electric wheelchairs which will be charged extra if they have not been specifically indicated at the time of the booking.

6. Booking, vouchers and transport conditions.

The following conditions will apply to those clients who book transfer services through Balearic Transfer.

Balearic Transfer agrees to transfer the passenger and luggage on the transfer as stipulated on the booking made through Balearic Transfer. This service is subject to the present special conditions of transport whether they be specific or general.

Balearic Transfer is not obliged to transport children under the age of 14, unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18 or above. Due to Spanish traffic legislation, children under the age of 2 must travel in a child’s car seat or booster chair etc, and therefore at the time of the booking, they must be indicated as passengers.

Child Safety Devices. Balearic Transfer offers a free service for car seats and boosters but this service must be requested at the time of the booking and cannot be transferred for use by another person. The person who submits the booking form on the web page must be responsible for the rest of the group travelling and confirm that the persons included on the form accept the booking conditions and be responsible for the complete cost of the service, including any commission fee for cancellation or modification. He / She will inform all other members of the party of the details of the booking and all the other relevant information.

Bookings. The booking request for a transfer must be made at least 24 hours before the departure date. Bookings made less than 24 hours before departure, must be carried out to the following email: and will not be considered as a confirmed booking, until the client has received confirmation from our reservation department.

The confirmation of the booking must come from the web page of Balearic Transfer. Once the booking of the transfer is complete, a voucher will appear on the screen with a reference number which will also be sent to the client’s email. The voucher must be printed off and presented as proof of the booking.

Voucher. The voucher will show all the necessary information in order to locate the pick up point. The voucher will also have a contact telephone number on it, in order to check the booking and to request information if necessary.

You must carry the voucher with you at all times and during the transfer and must show it on request, keeping it in good condition throughout.

Luggage. Each passenger is allowed to carry one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage. Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of the booking. Balearic Transfer reserves the right to charge commission for excess baggage that has not been indicated at the time of the booking. Prams and folding wheelchairs will be transported free of charge but must be indicated at the time of booking.

Balearic Transfer must be informed of the need to transport objects such as sporting equipment (golf clubs, ski or windsurf boards etc) and electric wheelchairs, which will carry a surcharge if not indicated at the time of the booking. Balearic Transfer can demand an extra charge at their discretion. This surcharge must be paid before the departure of the vehicle. Otherwise, Balearic Transfer can refuse the transportation of the objects that are regarded as excess baggage.

Both excess baggage and the transportation of special objects must be indicated in the observations section on the booking form.

It is understood that you will carry with you at all times your luggage and personal belongings, regardless of where the items are located in the vehicle and that your luggage and personal belongings are transported under your responsibility. Balearic Transfer recommends that you are present at all times when your baggage is handled and loaded in and out of the vehicle.

Balearic Transfer reserves the right (and delegates this right to its driver and designated agents) to refuse transportation of any persons who they deem to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances and or whose behaviour poses a threat to the driver, the vehicle and the rest of the passengers. Under these circumstances, Balearic Transfer reserves the right not to provide a refund and an alternative transfer will not be provided.

Passengers are not permitted to consume alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances in any of the vehicles.

You will be held responsible for any damage caused in the event of abnormal behaviour or acts of vandalism.

For transfers from the airport /Port our driver will wait for you at the meeting point agreed that appears on your transfer voucher, for a maximum of one hour from the arrival of your plane, except in the case that your luggage is lost, delays in baggage collection, whereby we recommend that you keep us informed by phoning us on the telephone (+34) 902 559 369 Otherwise for any other unforeseen event, Balearic Transfer will not be obliged to delay the service, or provide an alternative transfer.

Balearic Transfer for transfers from your hotel, villa or country house recommend that you are ready for pick up at least ten minutes before your transfer departure time. The arrival of the vehicle can be delayed by up to ten minutes for reasons beyond our control such as road accidents, traffic jams, police checks or any other circumstance whereby the vehicle may be diverted from its fastest route. If the vehicle is over ten minutes late we recommend that you contact Balearic Transfer on (+34) 902 559 369 to receive information with regards to the delay.

7. Payment of the booking.

At the moment of your booking your credit or debit card will be charged immediately. Transactions carried out through Balearic Transfer are encrypted by means of a secure payment system which is guaranteed by leading banks worldwide.

This technically secure environment ensures that credit cards cannot be intercepted and therefore will not be revealed to any other person other than the banking institutions in charge of processing the customer payments.

Our system accepts the following payment methods

The confirmation of the payment may require a signed authorization from the credit card holder as stipulated in paragraph 2 of the present General Conditions.

Please contact our booking department if you have any queries.

The telephone numbers will appear on the webpage and on your confirmation voucher. You can also use the contact form through our web page.

8. Changes and cancellation of your booking.


Any change in your booking is subject to availability, as well as an increase in the price in the case of transferring a larger party or special equipment. This extra charge must be paid before the departure of the vehicle. In the case that your party decreases in the number of passengers or in the special luggage which needs to be transferred, this must be notified at least 12 hours before departure, as otherwise Balearic Transfer reserves the right not to reimburse you any amounts paid.

For any changes in your booking, please contact our reservations department, indicating your booking reference number and the changes you require.

Changes or alterations to your booking will not be permitted 12 hours before the departure time of the service.

The transfer services provided will be to the destinations and pick up points to the addresses as indicated on your voucher. Balearic Transfer reserves the right not to provide the transfer if it differs greatly from the service originally requested.


You are authorized to cancel the service booked through our web page at least 12 hours before the departure time of the service requested.

For any cancellation you can contact our booking department directly, indicating your booking reference number and the reason for your cancellation.

If you cancel your booking before the arrival date you will be charged 2% of the Total ammount of your Reservation as a cancellation charge. Balearic Transfer will reimburse the amount you paid, but the cancellation fee will apply. A refund will not be provided if the cancellation is made 12 hours before the transfer time, except in the case of unexpected events that mean you are unable to travel, such as cancellation of flights or illness etc

Failure to turn up for transfer

Failure to turn up for your transfer without notification will be treated as a cancellation. No refund whatsoever will be made under these terms and without the explicit authorisation from Balearic Transfer. Balearic Transfer will inform you of the cancellation fees generated which may be 100% of the booking fee.

9.Before travelling.

Before departure it is your responsibility to carry all the necessary documentation in order to travel, be it for healthcare or otherwise, including but not limited to vaccination certificates, identity cards, passports or visas. Balearic Transfer will not be held responsible for any expense that you may incur due to the loss, incompletion or incorrect documentation or from failure to comply to any such requirement.

10. Insurance.

Balearic Transfer will only be held responsible for accidents which occur during your transfer and the indemnities included in their insurance policy for each of their vehicles both for third party and compulsory travel insurance.

Balearic Transfer also recommends that you take out your own travel insurance that covers personal injury or material losses, as well as medical expenses in the case of accident or illness on your journey.

11. Unexpected events.

Balearic Transfer cannot be held responsible for any change, cancellation or modification to your booking nor for any loss or damages caused from failure to comply by the designated service providers or other service providers or Balearic Transfer or any of the respective obligations when caused by unforeseen events. These circumstances include but are not limited to wars, revolutions, terrorist attacks, border closures, epidemics, natural disasters or any other circumstance which could seriously affect either party, as well as any circumstance beyond the control of Balearic Transfer.

12. Complaints.

If you have a complaint, contact our booking department by phoning the number indicated on the web page or using the contact form.

Balearic Transfer will not be liable for any losses or damages caused by actions, omissions or negligence from any supplier or third party.

Balearic Transfer has complaint forms available to their customers. If you require a complaint form, you can request one by sending a mail to

13. Disclaimer.

Balearic Transfer will take all the reasonable measure possible in order to guarantee that their vehicles arrive on time for the period for which they have been rented and that they arrive to their destination. The vehicles are fully insured for passengers and against any claim from third parties in accordance with the current legislation.

If for any reason Balearic Transfer does not enable you to reach the destination point confirmed, they will provide you with an appropriate means of transport such as a coach service, private car, taxi etc. Any reimbursement made by Balearic Transfer relating to the costs incurred from the use of alternative means of transport in order to reach the destination indicated on the booking form, will not exceed the cost incurred by the alternative means of transport.

Balearic Transfer will not be liable for any delay or failure in the (transport) service hired or breach of contract when it is due to circumstances beyond Balearic Transfer’s reasonable control. The following circumstances will be considered, without any restriction, as circumstances that are beyond reasonable control, war, the threat of war, accidents that cause delays in the service route, harsh weather conditions, fire or damage at the station, compliance with the requirements of the forces of law and order, custom authorities, and other official security services, administrators of a competent authority, deaths or accidents on the road, acts of vandalism , terrorism, unforeseen traffic jams, demonstrations and strike action, lockouts, disturbances or local tensions, problems caused by other users and other circumstances that affect your security.

The amount of the maximum liability of Balearic Transfer liable to you and or the rest of the passengers for any reasonable or unforeseen loss, or damage that you may suffer or incur as a result of a fault by Balearic Transfer, breach of contract, or any other act or deliberate omission or negligence carried out by any of the employees of Balearic Transfer, will be limited to the price paid on the booking form for the transfer.

14. Completion of contract/Modifications/ independent contractor.

The present general conditions contain some exclusions and limitations of responsibility. If any part of these conditions proves to be not valid or enforceable, the rest of the conditions shall remain valid. If any part of these conditions are void or unenforceable they will be deemed as supplanted by an enforceable and valid form of the condition that conveys the same meaning. You accept that the use of this web page does not imply that you have any association, franchise, position or agency between yourself and Balearic Transfer.

15. Transfer of rights.

Balearic Transfer reserves the right to assign totally or partially the obligations or rights derived from these present General Conditions to any subsidiary, associate or parent company.

You are not authorized to assign any of your obligations or rights deriving from these present conditions or from any agreement which complements it to a third party, without the prior authorization specially formulated by Balearic Transfer.

16. Legislation and jurisdiction.

The present conditions are governed by Spanish law. When you make a booking, the present general conditions are subject to Spanish law and to the jurisdiction of the courts of Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain. )

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